En l’Air | Poetry By Pamela Herron

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En l’Air | Poetry By  Pamela HerronEn l'air by Pamela Herron
Published by Unsolicited Press on January 1st 1970
Pages: 33
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Pamela Herron's first chapbook of poems looks at human impact on the earth and on each other. The book is scheduled to be published in November 2013 by Unsolicited Press out of Northern California.

Do you appreciate lovely imagery that makes you smile? I know I do, and this lovely poetry book is chock full of it. With the “furry five o’clock shadow” of a squirrel-fur paintbrush, the poet manages to paint images for the reader that are as light as air, as the title suggests. Filled with fun surprises that brought a few chuckles, a couple smiles, and several sighs, the writer puts her work together like “Snow-covered puzzle pieces/On a sky-blue tablecloth.” And all you can feel is loveliness.

She compares human habits and behaviors to the more humble and supportive behaviors of animals, who are described as having a greater respect for single parents, and for each other. She also talks about animals that mate for life, specifically, swans and wolves, which may be some knowledge that I might have slept through in high school, but are interesting facts. Writing literature is always an opportune moment to impart knowledge, so I find these little tidbits to very charming additions.

Using poetry that is light and crisp, she blends together elements of repetition and alliteration in a way that is complementary to her writing and not burdensome in any way. Her writing is also clever with stanzas like:

“Sometimes she fooled
herself and set the clock
ten minutes fast as
though she could
cheat time.”

And not to forget my favorite of the bunch,

“The field
is still,
then one,
by one,
they return.
one by one
they land
the stranger

This poem is just one example of the ambiguity that the writer wields with great flair. I had multiple meanings from reading this thrice and that is what I expect out of my poetry.


Available from Amazon.com by following the link.

En l’Air: Poetry

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