Ju-Ju-Be Diapers Bags Are Perfect for Authors, Bloggers, and Writers

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CoSchedule - The #1 Marketing Calendar

Ju-Ju-Be bags are technically supposed to be diaper bags for your little tots and babies, but… I don’t use either of the two bags I have for children. One of the things about being a writer is that getting in the writing mood can be very difficult. Some writers listen to music, some need silence. Some need to be alone and at a desk with a comfy chair, some writers stand or sit cross-legged in bed or go to coffee shops. No matter your writing atmosphere, there will almost always come a time where you’ll need to write on the go. Something I’ve been doing lately is having a separate bag for writing stuff. Ju-Ju-Be bags help make this easy. Let me show you how I set mine up.

I love these things. I have pockets for all of my pens, highlighters, and Sharpies. Every writer should keep hands and paper on them even if they do most of their work with phones and laptops. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten sick of sitting in front of a screen and I lost it to jot down some ideas and notes instead.

I have to do to be bags that I use specifically for writing on the go. One of them is a bag with handles that can be converted to a messenger bag and the other is a backpack. I’ll focus on these two bag styles as they are the ones that I use and am familiar with.

Both of the bags have lots of pockets. If you look in the handbag called the “Be Classy”, you can see I obviously carry too much junk, including napkins swiped from eating out, cough drops for…coughing, lotion, for when my very busy writer-fingers get dry and need some relief, and there are the sharpies and pens in one of the net pockets. When I carry this bag by itself, I also shove the index card case into one of the net pockets and the Macbook with be nuzzled in the center with the Macbook charger.

We all know that zippers are probably the most secure way to keep small objects from being lost in the abyss of a deep bag or pocket.

It has a sturdy handle that doesn’t cut into your hand. This is a problem that I’ve had from a lot of bags and becomes immediately important after you’ve packed up your notebooks (the paper kind, or the electronic kind) and added quite a few pounds to your bag. Whatever these handles are made of, they are firm and keep you feeling like the fabulous writer you need to channel in order to get your writing projects done.

There is also a convertible/removable messenger strap for anyone who doesn’t want to use the handles. It is padded so that it also won’t cut into your shoulder. It’s also adjustable so people as short as I am (at 4 foot 11) and people who are tall can all use it.

There is also a key hook/clip on a covered bungee cord sort of thing in a zippered pocket on the outside of both of these bags. There are also pockets for a cell phone or other small device and another net pocket. There are so many pockets on these bags, it’d be difficult not to have every inch of your Ju Ju Be organized down to the gum wrappers that tucked away inside them instead of getting up to go to the trash can.

These bags come in many different designs some of them bright and cheerful with little cartoon characters on them, some of them more reserved and “professional” for anyone who prefers that look. As you can see from my own pictures, I keep all professionalism in my personality and none of it in my choice of bags. *cackling* Many of the designs are on a limited print run so if you see something you like…you’ll have to snatch it up quickly or you might not see it again. (Fair warning!)

Here is the actual index card case (blue plastic in the net pocket) which I use for organizing stories for my writing schedule. I can keep my Kindle ebook reader in here so it’s safe and out of the way and can be removed easily when I need to read an ebook for a book review, and there is also a headset with its long cord that I use when I do voice dictations for blog posts or novel writing stuff. This is just an example of what I do with these bags and how they keep all of my items organized for peak writing productivity.

I recently took a trip to a used book store called Mckay’s and bought a lot of paperback books for cheap which I’ve been working on reviewing. This is the back pocket of the backpack. When you receive your bag, a changing pad (for the baby I don’t have) will be in here, but I gave it away to my sister (who actually has a child and can make use of it). The shoulder straps are also padded for comfort and are adjustable. As you can see in the photo, all of the large pockets have zippers so nothing will fall out of them.

Of course, it’d be awful to have any full-sized bag without places to carry water bottles or maybe a thermos of coffee or tea. You could also shove other small objects in these pockets or, even an umbrella, if need be. While we’re talking about umbrellas, it is important to note that these bags are water resistant and machine washable, so not only will they help keep all of your notebooks, laptops, Kindles, Nooks, paperbacks, and index cards dry, if anything wastes in the bag or it gets dirty with use, you can dump everything out of it and pop it in the washing machine.

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